Uluslararası Sağlık Yönetimi Konferansı (IHMC)  


Uluslararası Sağlık Yönetimi Konferansı (IHMC)  

Yer : Gümüşhane
Tarih : 15-17.HAZİRAN.2015
Düzenleyen : -Gümüşhane Üniversitesi
-King’s College

Kongre Merkezi : Gümüşhane Üniversitesi
Organizatör :
Web Sitesi : http://ihmc2015.gumushane.edu.tr/

Dear Conference Participants,

Many developed countries recognize health as a basic human right and assume collective responsibility for providing access to health care to all of their citizens. However, extension of the human life span, rapid development of new technology and advanced treatment methods, and significant increase of health care expenditure as a share of national and family incomes necessitate efficient and effective provision of health services as well as their professional management in all countries.

Like other sectors, globalization in the health care sector brings innovation, advantages, as well as challenges to health care consumers; it requires close communication between countries, increased patient mobility, and easy access to health information. Clearly, there is a need to assume a global perspective in managing and developing the health care sector. Indeed, global trends and developments in health care affect national health care systems, presenting several opportunities and significant threats. Health policy makers and managers cannot afford to manage their systems and institutions without taking into account these global opportunities and threats. In addition to these global dynamics, many developed and developing countries are currently initiating reforms to meet the increasing demand for health care services while improving quality and ensuring financial sustainability. We have much to learn from the experiences of countries working on reform efforts.

This conference is organized under the leadership of two universities with strong health care management departments: Gümüşhane University and King’s College. Gümüşhane University is located in Turkey, the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, where the World Health Organization recently recognized successful implementation of health reforms. King’s College is located in the USA, a country recognized as leader of health technology and research, but like many other developed counties, still faces significant health care access, cost, and quality challenges.

The main aim of this conference is to serve as a professional platform and network to exchange knowledge, information, and experiences about current health care management trends and health reforms between national and international health care management academicians, policy makers, practitioners, managers, and students. We also hope that the conference will further contribute to the global recognition of health care management as an important and growing profession.

We look forward to welcoming you to our conference.


Sedat Bostan
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sedat BOSTAN
Co-Conference Chair
Gümüşhane University , Turkey
Fevzi Akinci
Prof. Dr. Fevzi AKINCI
Co-Conference Chair
King’s College, USA
Kaynak : www.kongremerkezi.net