Uluslararası Medeniyet ve Kadın Kongresi  


Uluslararası Medeniyet ve Kadın Kongresi

Yer : Muğla
Tarih : 13-16.EKİM.2014
Düzenleyen : -Atatürk Araştırma Merkezi
-UNESCO Türk Ulusal Komitesi
-Ankara Üniversitesi
-Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversitesi
Kongre Merkezi : Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversitesi
Organizatör :
Web Sitesi : http://www.atam.gov.tr/

Subject Headings:

• Atatürk and civilization
• Historical background and scope of the “civilization” concept
• Historical, human, geographical, cultural and socio-cultural conditions during the formation of civilizations
• Basins of world civilizations since ancient times
• Views on the appearance/existence and disappearance of civilizations
• Arts and institutions pertaining to civilization from past to
• Perceptions and discussions of civilization in peace and war
• Turkish and world leaders that have contributed to civilization and world peace
• People that have left a mark in the history of civilization and culture
• Comparative civilization and peace studies
• Theories and classifications on civilization
• Thoughts and recommendations involving the future of civilization
• Modernistic and post-Modernistic perceptions of civilization
• Civilization in context of science, technology and the Information Age
• Civilization and woman
• Women since the Tanzimat period
• Atatürk and women’s rights
• Halide Edip Adıvar and other heroines
• Women in science, art and politics
• Theories, studies and discussions on women
• Violence against women: Questions and seeking for solutions
• International organizations involving civilization, human and women’s rights

We hope to see the academic studies which consist of new and original information, documents and assessments on the subject matters listed under the main headings above of scientists and researchers who wish to participate in the congress.

The accommodation expenses of participants will be covered by the Directorate of Atatürk Research Center.

We hope to see your participation in the Congress, best regards.