Uluslararası Çevre ve Tasarım Kongresi 2014  


Uluslararası Çevre ve Tasarım Kongresi 2014  

Yer : İstanbul
Tarih : 11-12.ARALIK.2014
Düzenleyen : -Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi
-Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi

Kongre Merkezi : Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Beşiktaş Kampüsü
Organizatör :
Web Sitesi : http://environmentanddesign2014.org/

Substantial changes in demography, physical and social environments and technological progress have triggered new debates on residential environments for about a few decades. Moreover, the transition on meaning of dwelling and its physical embodiment are still dominating the agenda and paving way for re-thinking residential environments. Hence, this congress aims at addressing complexities of residential environments in terms of actors, changing trends in housing design and all issues regarding its production. The congress mainly seeks to share and stimulate critical interpretations of living, designing and building residential environments in a variety of scales fostering cross-cultural comparisons, interdisciplinary approaches and innovative methods of research that would encourage an intellectual exchange of ideas and experiences.

As it is well-known, global and local dynamics of urban areas are intertwining, boundaries between centers and peripheries; urban, suburban and even rural areas are dissolving and novel forms of lifestyles, mostly associated with certain residential environments are emerging in the age of communication. Furthermore, democratic ideals and ecological concerns are constantly coming into prominence in the decision-making processes of both authorities and individuals. Participatory design and sustainability, user friendly environments and universal design principles are gradually becoming more integrated components of novel searches for alternative living conditions. On account of those significant changes, one of the main concerns of this congress is to raise awareness towards inseparable unity of environment and design shedding light onto residential culture.

Within that framework, Environment and Design Congress invites scholars, researchers and designers from all over the world to explore and debate contemporary problems and future prospects regarding residential environments relating but not limited to the fields of architecture, urban design and city planning.

Main themes:
Actors of built environment (Theme A)
Design trends in residential architecture (Theme B)
Production of residential environments (Theme C)

The discussion themes (DT) will cover:
User groups (children, youth, elderly, handicapped, diverse household types) (DT 01)
Designers and developers (DT 02)
Institutions and organizations (DT 03)
Participatory design (DT 04)
New residential forms/ re-thinking typology (DT 05)
Spatial experiments in housing design (DT 06)
Global/local interpretations and identity (DT 07)
Adaptive re-use (DT 08)
Sustainable design (DT 09)
Urban renewal (DT 10)
New technologies in construction (DT 11)
Project management and development (DT 12)
Laws, regulations and constraints (juridical system) (DT 13)
Future prospects (DT 14)

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