International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium


International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium

Yer: İstanbul, Turkey
Tarih : 26-28 September 2019
Düzenleyen : Palas Akademik
Kongre Merkezi : Titanic Downtown, İstanbul, Turkey
Organizatör : Palas Akademik
Web Sitesi :

Dear Colleagues,

It is great pleasure to invite you to the “International Biodiversity & Ecology Sciences Symposium (BioEco2019)”, which will be held on 26-28 September 2019 in İstanbul, Turkey. We would be highly delighted with your participation. We would also be thankful if you could inform your colleagues about the symposium and encourage them for the participation.

Please note that an author can submit and present maximum 2 papers for the Symposium. There is no extra cost for second paper by same author. All contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and they reserve the right to decide form of presentation (oral/poster) in case of scope of the presentation or timing.
Deadline for the submission of the presentation is 20.08.2019. Abstracts of accepted presentations will be published free of charge in an e-book of symposium proceedings. Registration for the symposium is obligatory. Detailed information can be obtained through the web site of the symposium;

As the organizing committee, we would be honoured and very pleased to see all who are interested in Biodiversity & Ecology sciences from related institutes, universities, ministries and non-governmental organizations.

Thank you for your interest in advance.

Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Tahir Özcan