EAHP 2014 Kongresi


EAHP 2014 Kongresi

Yer : İstanbul
Tarih : 17-22.EKİM.2014
Düzenleyen : -Avrupa Hematopatoloji Birliği
-Patoloji Dernekleri Federasyonu
-Türk Hematoloji Derneği

Kongre Merkezi : Hilton Hotel & Convention Center
Organizatör : Serenas Turizm & GL Events
Web Sitesi : http://www.eahp2014.org/

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of EAHP, SH and the local organizing committee, I am honoured to invite you to the 17th EAHP meeting which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 17 to 22 October 2014.

Istanbul is located on both sides of the Bosphorus channel which defines the boundary between Asia and Europe. This unique city has become a symbol of meeting of the world’s two oldest civilized continents.

The goal of our meeting is to integrate modern bio-technological developments and morphological pathology to better understand small B cell lymphomas. We entitled the topic as “Redefining the spectrum of small B-cell lymphomas in light of current technology”.

The scientific program of the Bone Marrow and Lymphoma Symposia will be devoted to the integration of basic science, technology, histopathology and clinical implications for small B-cell lymphomas .

The educational session will set the stage with a more basic overview of various modern bio-technologies used in the study of haematological neoplasms and their application to clinical practice.

There will be the opportunity to meet and interactively discuss the topic related subjects with the experts in our highly acclaimed “Meet the Professor” sessions. These sessions are mainly addressed to residents, fellows and young pathologists.

The purpose of the Workshop will be to use illustrative cases to discuss the classification of small B-cell lymphomas in the light of new molecular information and to dissect the clinical implications of these insights based on the body of cases that will be submitted by the participants.

In addition to the scientific part of the meeting, there will be ample time to meet friends and colleagues during the various social events in the evenings. We will meet at the Hilton Hotel garden and have time to relax with the music while watching the panoramic view of the Bosphorus during the opening cocktail. We will feel the spirit of Bosphorus in a small island called “Suada” during the gala dinner.

We hope the scientific program with the Educational session, Symposia, Meet the Professor sessions, Poster sessions, Satellite Symposia and Workshops will give a good overview of the most recent advances of small B cell lymphomas and other aspects of hematological neoplasms, which will help guide further diagnostic applications of new technologies and develop new therapeutic algorithms.

Isinsu Kuzu
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee